Political Advertising

If politics were a relative, it'd be your crazy aunt. It's not a place for the faint of heart or the uninitiated. You’ve got a campaign to win and you need a reputable political specialist to do your radio and TV. Someone with campaign experience, media know-how and professional integrity. Not to mention the ability to produce killer ads.

Paul Novak approaches politics with equal parts passion and clear-headed, thoroughly informed thinking. The passion is why he works only with Democrats. The clear-headed thinking explains a solid track record that dates back to 1988.

Novak Media offers soup-to-nuts radio, TV and first-rate media buying for candidates. From concept to copy to production to airtime, we handle everything about the broadcast aspect of your campaign.

We’ve pulled off more than a few upsets in heavily Republican districts. And we’ve done it without the high overhead of Washington / NYC based agencies.

Check out our work samples or email Paul Novak if you would like more information.