Meet Anthony Testa

Your media buy will be grounded in common sense and great research.

Bio AnthonySince joining Novak Media over 15 years ago, Anthony has firmly established himself as one of the best political media buyers in the business. Steeped in economics, politics and finance, Anthony brings incredible organizational skills to media research & planning, estimating, negotiating rates, trafficking checks and dubs, and all the other stuff that makes the media buy unfold smoothly.

Anthony keeps a dogged eye on our clients’ money, and is respected for his diligence and integrity. He is also the inventor of the “Common Sense-O-Meter,” which comes in handy when clients have questions about the media buy and want answers (in plain English).

Anthony holds an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology where he is a frequent lecturer, holds a degree in economics and psychology from University of Rochester, and currently serves on several boards of directors or as an advisor to a variety of companies and organizations. While on hiatus from Novak Media 1998-2003, Anthony worked as a consultant to some of the world's leading companies, including Deloitte & Touche, Epsilon, General Motors, Ralston Purina, MGM Mirage, Reebok International, and the American Bar Association.

Raised on Long Island, he’s an avid cyclist, sports fan, music lover and raconteur.